ZTE with a modular phone prototype

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11 Jan 2014
ZTE with a modular phone prototype

It seems, that the idea of modular phones lately has been gaining more and more popularity among manufacturers of mobile devices. First Motorola, now ZTE show their ideas of a modular device.

ZTE's modular smartphone protoype is called Eco-Mobius. The idea behind a modular phone is, much like a normal computer, that the user will be able to change certain parts of his or her mobile phone, thus eliminating the need of a new one. The parts, which could be exchangable, are the camera, battery, display, CPU, GPU, RAM and memory storage.

But, the sad part is, that this is currently only a prototype and we do not know when such a device might hit the shelves on our local stores.

The good news is, that Motorola are hard on the job, as far as we know, and they are even working together with another manufacturer, to make their Project Ara come into life.

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