Viber with a new service - Viber Out

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11 Dec 2013
Viber with a new service - Viber Out

The well-known mobile app Viber delivers a new service to its customers - Viber Out. More than 200 million users will be able to call stationary phones from their mobile device all across the globe.

Now the service is available Android and iOS users and soon to owners of smartphones with Windows Phone.

Viber users can purchase credits trough the payment services integrated in their Android or iOS powered devices. The company compares their prices to the ones from Skype, claiming even, that they are cheaper. Prices vary between countries and if you are calling a mobile or stationary phone.

Even though there are many VoIP services out there Viber offers the full package - you can make video calls or send messages.

This is the second step, which Viber uses to monetize their product, after the payed sticker packages.

With this innovation Viber is a step ahead of the competitors, namely WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and others.

You can install Viber now on Android, iOS and Windows Phone



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