Snapdragon 805 chipset in Oppo Find 7

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06 Dec 2013
Snapdragon 805 chipset in Oppo Find 7

Previously we heard, that Oppo are working on a device, which will have some pretty serious power inside of it. The more interesting part is, that it might be even more powerful than expected.

Rumor has it, that the device will have 3GB RAM plus a Snapdragon 805 chipset. Just a side note - most current high-end Android devices have 2GB RAM and a Snapdragon 800 chipset.

Plus the procesor of the Find 7 might even be up to 2.5ghz. Also, it might have 4G LTE radio support, making it the companie's first phone to have LTE technology inside of it. If everything of the above turns out to be true this might be the most powerful smartphone yet.

Another thing to note is, that the screen might be quite big - 5.7" plus a 2560x1440 pixel resolution. How about that?

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