Samsung Galaxy S6 screen edge problem? Not really!

Categories: SamsungTech
07 Mar 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6 screen edge problem? Not really!

There is a video on youtube, which shows that the edge of the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S6 does not register touches from the user. Well, our friend from the youtube channel Beshev Games quickly responded to the video of the supposed Galaxy S6 problem and posted a video of the Samsung Galaxy S3 which also has this symptom. According to the description:

"The small part on the edges of the touchscreens are not meant to work, because the thumb sometimes rests on them and causes the screen to swipe, or even, in some cases, open apps. This is a video of the Galaxy S3, it is not something new, it is not a problem."

While this seems logical many people will accept this explanation as true.

Design feature, or annoying bug? Let us know in the comments below!


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