Road Rush Racing - iOS and Android game

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04 Jan 2015
 Road Rush Racing - iOS and Android game

1. Android version

2. iOS version (coming soon)

An arcade style car racing game where you take control of a red sports car with mounted machine guns on the hood. Tilting the device forward or backward will make the car accelerate or decelerate, while tilting it sideways will make it turn. Going of the track / highway will make you lose health. Race through traffic, shoot your opponents, blow up other vehicles and get the highest score possible, then publish it on the leaderboards so that people may envy you and try to be as good as you are.

In the game you can:

-Shoot bullets from two machine guns simultaneously
-Gain bonuses and increase your score by close overtaking vehicles, shooting them, maintaining a high speed and more.
-3 lives for every attempt to beat your previous high score.
-Compare your highscore with the world trough leaderboards either on Android or iOS powered devices.
-Nice, custom drawn graphics.
-Different opponents, each giving different rewards.
-Opponents, shooting at you from a pickup truck, will give you ammo if destroyed.
-Nice music and sound effects
-Full control of the car, by tilting your mobile device.


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