Play Store App Ratings Drop

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09 Jan 2014
Play Store App Ratings Drop

If you are an Android developer and, since December 10th, you've had many bad ratings on one or more of your apps, don't worry - you are not the only one. Many developers noticed unusual activity app ratings after December 10, 2013. Ratings of 1′s, 2′s, and 3′s began to pour in on apps. The reason? Google Play Store added a new feature called, “Want Quick Suggestions?”

A popup appears on the screen, encouraging the user the rate the app without being able to provide a comment, weather good or bad, thus leaving the developers in the dark of what the reason for the poor (or good) rating.

It seems that there was a bug, since if a user starts scrolling down, touching a star, it could lead to an unintended rating of the software.

This, for the users, might be good on one side, since it helps Google suggest similar apps with better ratings, but bad for developers, since they do not get any useful information on how they can improve the app.


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