Oppo will not give a 5.7 inch display to the Find 7

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14 Dec 2013
Oppo will not give a 5.7 inch display to the Find 7

There have been rumors going around, that the new flagship smartphone from Oppo, the Find 7, will have a 5.7 inch display. Others said, that the phone will have a 7 inch display (probably because of the name).

Well, it turns out that this won't be the case, as quoted from Mr. Carl Pei, who is the International Markets Manager for Oppo, wrote the post on his Google+ page:

"Rest assured guys, the Find 7 will not have a 5.7" or 7" display."

Some of you may wonder upon the "rest assured" part in Mr. Pei's statement, but this is because many people are complaining, that more and more smartphones from higher class are becoming phablets and are not very convinient to carry around.

So, for you with the same worries, fear not - the phone will have a big screen just... not too big!

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