Oppo N1 released worldwide December 10

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02 Dec 2013
Oppo N1 released worldwide December 10

Do you remember those old phones that had the ability to rotate their camera, making it so you have one camera for front and back? Well, some of you do, but younger generation won't remember. But here is a reminder - the Oppo N1 smartphone. The phone is official partner with Cyanogen. This means that you have a choice of operating system and you can choose between Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with Oppo's Color UI or the latest Cyanogen Mod.

Oppo N1 has been released in China and soon it will be available worldwide on December 10th - this is its official premier and it will cost around $599 or about €449.

Still, the smartphone will firstly be available to a limited number of countries, but we have no official information which they are right now (luckily there is online shopping) and you can buy it here.

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