No change in roaming fees in Europe until 2018

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09 Mar 2015
No change in roaming fees in Europe until 2018

Many of us, who live in Europe, were hoping that, until the end of 2015, the European Parliament will remove the roming fees for mobile calls for all countries in the European Union, but it seems that we might have to wait a bit more.

The reason is that carriers say they need to charge customers for the space on carriers' networks, who are in another country. Which might not seem like a good argument, because of the fact that carriers like Vodafone, T-Mobile, Telefonica and Telenor offer their services in more than one countries.

Still, we must admit that fees have significantly dropped in the last couple of years for this services, but we can't expect removal until 2018.

We all would like to be able to talk free of extra charges with our friends in another country, but we will have to wait for a little while before that happens.

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