More iPhone 6 detail rumors

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09 Jan 2014
More iPhone 6 detail rumors

More iPhone 6 detail rumors have emerged. The China Post reports, that Apple will not join the megapixel war on cameras, but will rather improve image quality, as well as add optical stabilization. This may be because Apple wants to keep the thickness of the iPhone down to the possible minimum.

As we mentioned earlier, Apple might be targeting customers, who prefer phones with bigger screen size, thus releasing two new iPhones, respectively a larger one with 4,7" screen size, which will take as much front area as possible, stretching to the bare edges of the device.

As you can see from the title image, this supposedly is the new iPhone's frame. It came from the site C Technology, which usually has some hard and reliable info. What is interesting is the thickness of the frame!

Via (in Bulgarian), Source


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