Microsoft offers Samsung $1 billion to produce WP phones

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15 Dec 2013
Microsoft offers Samsung $1 billion to produce WP phones

Microsoft are trying to expand their Windows Phone OS based device market to other manufacturers, as currently 90% of all Windows Phone smartphones are from the Nokia Lumia series line.

Other big game players on the market, like HTC, Huawei and Samsung, are targeting the Android operating system and have shown little interest in WP, which causes concerns for Microsoft.

After buying Nokia, Microsoft has targetet the other smartphone and tablet producers to develop Windows Phone OS based smartphones. Rumor has it, that Microsoft has offered Samsung $1 billion, so that they will implement WP in their future products.

A while back Microsoft offered the same amount to Nokia. There is still no official word of what is to come, but we are hoping to get our hands on some more information soon.

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