LG Nexus 5 with a visual upgrade

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13 Dec 2013
LG Nexus 5 with a visual upgrade

An owner of the LG Nexus 5, and user of the xda-developers forums, has reported that, upon returning a defective version of the phone, the newer had some visual differences.

The Nexus 5 reviced some very small, hardly noticable visual updates, which improve its quality. The speakers on the bottom are a bit bigger, as well as the microphone holes, and the buttons are of higher quality.

But there persist some problems. The display is more yellowish and some people report green pixels on it.

There are no reports, that Google call back the first wave of the Nexus 5 series, but we are glad that they are addressing the issue and doing something to satisfy the buyers, especially this early since the release of the device.

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