iPhone 6 with two different sizes

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03 Jan 2014
iPhone 6 with two different sizes

The next model of the Apple's iPhone series, the iPhone 6, might come in two different sizes. This rumor comes from the manufacturer of the iPhones - Foxconn.

One of the new iPhones will have a 4.7" screen, and the other will be a phablet with a 5.7" inch display, for those of us who have big fingers. Some rumors say, that the phone will be even bigger.

Another rumor is that, next to the fingerprint sensor, the phone will feature a eye recognition sensor.

But we might be certain in about 9 months away, if Apple continues their tradition of releasing a new iOS running device in the Q3 of the current year.

We have to take into account current market trends, where more and more manufacturers are releasing phablet type devices, which a big part of the general public proves to like, because of the combination of big size display, for easier browsing and input, and phone capabilities.

We already saw, that Apple released a smartphone with plastic back cover to target a lower class competition market share, so why not show an iPhone with bigger screen?

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