How to pronounce Huawei

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07 Dec 2013
How to pronounce Huawei

Seems like our friends at Huawei are a bit annoyed from the fact, that most people don't know how to pronounce the name of the brand. So, what they have done is the created a video, which was recorded in New York, to help teach people like you and me to pronounce the name correctly.

The official way of saying it is "WAH-WAY". I, myself, have the Huawei Ascend Mate for a couple of days now, and before that I did not know how to say it right, despite the fact that many of my friends had one.

For the last couple of years Huawei came with a bang into the smartphone business with their latest models, which brought them $32 Billion income last year which isa 11% increase on 2010.


Taking into consideration the fact, that Huawei are now selling their smartphones outside of China makes perfect sense to get people acquainted with the way the name is pronounced.



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