Facebook is most used app amongst mobile devices

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07 Dec 2013
Facebook is most used app amongst mobile devices

Facebook proves to be the most used application for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, according to a recent servey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP).

Users were asked which is the app, which they use the most. 45% of all inquired said that they mostly use Facebook. Twitter is the second most used app with 13% of the answers, followed by the game Candy Crush with 11%.

Other apps, such as YouTube and Pandora, get less than 10% of the user votes.

The Facebook app developers can be proud, that they have been voted the best from all app developers, considering the fact, that the developers of Instagram came 4th with about 8% of the votes.

Google also shows good results with 28% of the votes, because of YouTube, Gmail, Chrome and Google Maps.

We have to note, that only 500 people were inquired only from US, so worldwide those results may differ.

And which are your most used apps?



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