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Samsung Galaxy S5 - no OIS camera

28 Nov 2013
The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 will not be equipped with an optical image stabilization, OIS for short, camera. Some say,…

Intel to subsidize $1 billion for tablet processors in 2014

28 Nov 2013
The tech giant Intel, best known for their CPUs, plans to invest $1 billion to encourage manufacturers of mobile devices…

HTC One with a new color - champagne gold

26 Nov 2013
  Recently HTC release a 18-carat gold version of the HTC One. Next to the other colors - the silver, black, red and…

BlackBerry shows their new phone - the Porsche Design P'9982

23 Nov 2013
  This is not the first time, that BlackBerry teams up with Porsche Design to create a stylish phone. Their latest…

Motorola and 3D Systems to build the Ara modular handset

23 Nov 2013
Project Ara shows a modular smartphone concept which will allow a user to replace his or her phones parts if they get too…

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