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Samsung Galaxy S5 soon to be announced

03 Jan 2014
New rumors have emerged about Samsung's new flagship - the Galaxy S5, this time directly from the vice president of…

Microsoft offers Samsung $1 billion to produce WP phones

15 Dec 2013
Microsoft are trying to expand their Windows Phone OS based device market to other manufacturers, as currently 90% of all…

Oppo will not give a 5.7 inch display to the Find 7

14 Dec 2013
There have been rumors going around, that the new flagship smartphone from Oppo, the Find 7, will have a 5.7 inch display.…

Black HTC One Max in Hong Kong

13 Dec 2013
Today, news of a HTC One Max with a new color came to us. A black version of the phablet was seen in Hong Kong, alongside…

5.2 inch dispay on a Nokia RM-964

12 Dec 2013
A new leak from the Indian import tracking site Zauba, shows, that two cell phones from a company in Finland were imported.…

LTE and 8-cores in the new chip from MediaTek

11 Dec 2013
We can expect that MediaTek will release their new octa-core chip, part of the MT6592 chipset, in January 2014. We can assume…

Cheaper Nokia RM-977 with dual-sim

10 Dec 2013
A rumor has it, that a new Nokia with a 4.5" display and a dual-sim card will cost around $130. Or, at least, an Indian…

Snapdragon 805 chipset in Oppo Find 7

06 Dec 2013
Previously we heard, that Oppo are working on a device, which will have some pretty serious power inside of it. The more…

Nokia Lumia 929 leaked photos

05 Dec 2013
The smaller brother of the Nokia Lumia 1520 has been caught again on camera. The Nokia Lumia 929 should make its debut on…

Samsung Galaxy S5 - no OIS camera

28 Nov 2013
The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 will not be equipped with an optical image stabilization, OIS for short, camera. Some say,…

Intel to subsidize $1 billion for tablet processors in 2014

28 Nov 2013
The tech giant Intel, best known for their CPUs, plans to invest $1 billion to encourage manufacturers of mobile devices…

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