Android app: Glowing GPS Speedometer

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05 Mar 2015
Android app: Glowing GPS Speedometer

Glowing GPS Speedometer - android gps speed appGPS Speedometer is a simple GPS Android app, which will show you your current position, speed in both miles per hour (mph) or kilometers per hour (kph), your latitude, longitude, altitude (in meters or feet), your total distance traveled and map of your area.

The speedometer also features a very nice intro effect, as well as some options like screen size and toggle speed units (in miles per hour or kilometers). It is called "glowing", because it leaves the impression that the dial and pointer hand(needle) seem to emit light, like on some newer sports car's dashboards.

Some features of the speed app include:

GPS Coordinates
-Shows you your current GPS position - Longitude, Latitude and Altitude, as well as your top speed.

GPS Speed
-Your current speed and your maximum velocity, according to the satellites.

Google Maps for newer versions of Android (4.0.3 and above)
-Added Google Maps view. With a single click you can view your current position on the map, which may help you navigate to your current destination. Very nice looking!

-Both the analog and digital speedometer views can be either in miles or kilometers per hour.

Units on dial
-Show both km/h and mph on the dial, or only the selected units. For example, if you live in the US you would like to show only mile per hour, if you live in Bulgaria you will want to set it to kilometers per hour. But if you travel regularly from England to France, for example, you might want to set it to show readings in both units.


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