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Off-Road 4x4 Racer 3D

Off-Road Racer 3D is a classic racing style game where the player goes head to head with other rival AI racers in their cars and trucks. Get behind the wheel of your 4x4 truck and race as fast as you can to beat the AI racers to the finish line, trying to get ahead on every lap. Buy other trucks and buggies, trucks and cars to improve your odds of winning the race and finishing first, thus earning more points which are used to unlock other tracks and vehicles.

Each location has its own charm - from the hot desert, to the icy mountain to the volcanic island - all tracks have their own obstacles and AI controlled opponents with vehicles which will race against you. Climb hills, race down slopes, speed through obstacles and beat the other AI players. Do you have what it takes to win all races, become first and unlock new locations and vehicles?



Featured App:

GPS Speedometer

GPS Speedometer - this speed tracking application uses your device's gps module to determine your current altitude, latitude, maximal reached velocity, total distance, satellite information and other features. The speedometer is a free software for Android devices with built-in GPS reciever. It acts as a normal speed gauge, which you may find in any car, showing the velocity of the vehicle you are in in kph and mph. This app is compatible with phones, tablets and all GPS powered Android devices.

There is also a flashlight available in the speedometer. You turn it on and off by simply clicking the green button, located in the top right corner of the app.


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